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I've been side hustling with Always Claire for a few years now and I absolutely love it. But I noticed that there was a lot of pressure to invest big dollars in branding, websites, photoshoots, ads. etc. All just to get started. This never seems viable to me and so I decided to set up Goose Studio as a way to offer a much more affordable way to get branding and websites set up for your business.

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designer - illustrator - mum

As I write this I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first and looking for a way to continue my business journey as a mum. For me, it's not about a 6 figure business, it's about creating a lifestyle that works with me and my family. I expect that is the same for a lot of you. 
I hope that my 'done for you' templates, my affordable package designs and the collection of freebies can help you get started with a small business so you can finally move forward with this dream.
I would love to get to know you and what business you are building. My DMs are always open to connect.

designer - illustrator - mum

you believed in santa for years
you can believe in yourself
for a moment

you believed
in santa
for years

you can believe
in yourself
for a moment

Our goal is not to make as much money as we can. We keep prices low and processes streamlined so that we can help YOU make money.

So many businesses fail. So many of us invest money we don't have to start our dream business. We value YOU and your DREAM. So we are using our skills to serve you, making it more affordable and simpler to get started.


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